--> Just another random blog.

Just another random blog.

   Friday, February 10, 2006  

Online job seeker says she was duped into scam - Security - MSNBC.com

Online job seeker says she was duped into scam - Security - MSNBC.com

I'm currently unemployed, may be about to lose my home, and look at the wonderful things I have to think about while job hunting.


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   Sunday, November 27, 2005  

Rare postings and news

Well, My posts have been few and far between... blame pregnancy followed by motherhood... I'm creating a new blog to use to give out news about my daughter. look for a link on the side-bar soon to "RatsCats"..

Now, for another more random entry.

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Cyborg Name Decoder and Great online Game

Cyborg Name Decoder

On a really nifty WebGaming site (free or fee to play, your choice) I go by the name BotRodgers.

Try the game out yourself!! RoboRunner See you there!

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   Saturday, July 17, 2004  

What Second String X-Man am I?


Which Second String X-Man Are

brought to you by Quizilla

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   Thursday, July 15, 2004  

Musings of a cat....

I thought i'd let my old cat, Alley, say a few words today....
but I think the cat got his tongue. :)
ok.. I'll talk for him...
Pet me.
Feed me.
Love me.
But above all else,
Get rid of the Dog!!!

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   Sunday, July 11, 2004  

What kind of Illuminati am I?

What kind of Illuminati am I?

The UFOs. Fnord.
The U.F.O.s:

You're the secret master, and YOU don't even know
what you're up to.


Which Illuminati are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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   Sunday, July 04, 2004  

Odes to America

Odes to America

This Site: has a list of songs it calls :
"Ten songs that celebrate America for the Fourth of July"

They're all great songs, but many of them I've never considered very Patriotic, or very celebratory for that matter.. I'll have to listen to the songs again to see if they've heard something in them that I haven't.. and not just the little sound-byte they have of each one on that page.

Anyway, For all of us Americans out here in internet land,

Happy Independence Day!

And for all of you non-Americans out there..

Happy fourth of July!!
And fifth too!

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   Saturday, July 03, 2004  

Odes to America.

This page: has a list of songs that it states are:
"Ten songs that celebrate America for the Fourth of July".

The list contains some great songs... but most of them I've never considerred extraordinarily patriotic, or celebratory of America... I'll have to listen to the songs themselves again, rather than just the little sound-byte of each that accompanies the article and see just what they're seeing that I'm not...

In the meantime, to all of us Americans out here in Internet land...

Happy Independance Day!!

And to those Not located in America...

Happy fourth of July, anyway!!!

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   Friday, July 02, 2004  

Link to this site!!

I'm not sure why you would want to.. but in case you want to link to this site, I've made two graphics for the purpose.

The graphics are also available on the left of the screen.

Just copy this:

<a href="justanotherrandomblog.blogspot.com"> <img
src="http://www.communitygaming.org/pics/randomblog.png" border=0> </a>

For this image:

Or this:
<a href="justanotherrandomblog.blogspot.com"> <img
src="http://www.communitygaming.org/pics/jarb.jpg" border=0> </a>

For this one:


Now, I gotta go

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   Thursday, July 01, 2004  

and speaking of off days...

and speaking of off days...

I meant to post something long and complex today.. that would state something of immeasurable importance... but I was distracted by trivialities...

oh well.. :)
There's always tomorrow. :)

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   Tuesday, June 29, 2004  

A Pastry Student's Life - ~culinary school journal~

A Pastry Student's Life - ~culinary school journal~ seems a bit sparse in recent content... But I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

We all have our off days. :)

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Texas Flashers®

Texas Flashers® is a Macromedia User Groups site. It has Tutorials on it... As a tECH/wEBDESIGNER/aSSUMED nERD.. I must do everything possible to become a real nerd, instead of just assumed...

Does linking to this give me nERD pOINTS?¿ :)

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